Engine Types in Car

(I). Outer ignition motor: In outside burning motor, the burning of fuel happens outside the motor. Illustration: steam motor.

(ii). Inward ignition motor: In inner burning motor, the burning of fuel happens inside the motor. Two stroke and four stroke oil and diesel motor are the cases of inward burning motor.

There are diverse sorts of interior ignition (I.C.) motor and there characterization relies on different premise.

The I.C. motors are arranged on the accompanying premise:

(I). Responding motor: In responding motor, there is a cylinder and chamber, the cylinder does responding (back and forth) movement inside the barrel. Because of the responding movement of the cylinder, it is called responding motor. 2 stroke and four stroke motors are the normal cases of responding motor.

(ii). Turning motor: In revolving motor, the rotor does rotating movement to deliver control. There is no responding movement. A rotor is available in the chamber which does turning movement inside a chamber. Wankel turning motor , turbine motors are the rotational kinds of motor.

2. Sorts of Fuel Used

Based on sorts of fuel utilized, the motor is delegated oil motor, diesel motor and gas motor.

(I). Petroleum motor: The motor which utilizes oil for its working is called oil motor.

(ii). Diesel motor: The motor which utilizes diesel for its working is called diesel motor.

(iii). Gas motor: A motor utilizing gas fuel for the working is called gas motor.

3.Cycle of Operation

Based on cycle of task the motor kinds are:

(I). Otto cycle motor: These sorts of motor takes a shot at Otto cycle.

(ii). Diesel cycle motor: The motor chipping away at diesel cycle is called diesel cycle motor.

(iii). Double cycle motor or semi-diesel cycle motor: The motor that chips away at both diesel and also Otto cycle is called double cycle motor or semi diesel cycle motor.

4.Number of Strokes

Based on number of stroke, the sorts of motor are:

(I). Four Stroke Engine: It is a motor in which the cylinder moves four times i.e.2 upward (frame BDC to TDC) and 2 descending (from TDC to BDC) development in one cycle of energy stroke is called four stroke motors.

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