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Posted by on Jan 26, 2016 in Tech |

Often we will hear the conversations how phones are a very good thing. Many others wonder why, but most people would confirm that mobile technology is very good thing nowadays.

Now we will say why we think that cell phones are good, and why we think that they are negative thing. Although generally there is no difference, many positive things also are somehow negative.

Advantages of cell phones
4794133– Quick and easy communication –really you can communicate with everyone from anywhere. I don’t know a person that doesn’t go to bathroom with its cell phone, maybe to just play the music
We can divide the text and voice communication (SMS, MMS or phone calls), this is extra solutions for shy ones…you aren’t feeling to speak with anyone than send a message!
– Cell Phones are converted to small pocket PCs; you don’t need a PC because everything can fit just in one hand
shutterstock_144302134-300x195– Mobiles are thinner and thinner and easier for taking with
– Screens growing (we automatically enable higher resolution) , we can take a better pictures and look movies in higher resolution
– Android system with all its advantages, applications etc.
– A growing mobile publicity among the citizens (of all ages)
– Many applications are enabled on the new operating system Android that can really make your life easier and funnier
– Now that cell phones have the most common memory in gigabytes while in previous generations had megabytes you can really storage a lot of information on it
– You can download programs like Viber, Skype, and Photoshop etc.
– Cell Phones particularly stand out by the possibility of having them available anywhere and anytime, and charging can even be done over the car
– We can quickly find specific information and watch videos
– Fast access is currently the most widespread network in the world called Facebook
Negative things on mobiles
Why do we say that cellphones are bad communication tool?
– Some people say that they can spread harmful radiation threatening to the lives of citizen (you may get cancer)
– Because of our wearing them and putting them in our pockets we can damage reproductive organs

– Most people don’t see that they are becoming addicted to mobile phones
– Mobiles really result in the reduction of intelligence among people (we don’t remember the number anymore, for everything we do not know there’s Google so we do not read books or encyclopedias and books will become antiquity), because of the fact that we can always count on our cellphone we stopped counting on ourselves.

– They spoil our sense of sight the fact that we staring all the time in the screen is terrifying – Most people have more than one mobile phone at home, ringing can cause stress, and it can be really annoying

– We keep checking if something is sent like a massage on Facebook or any other social network or any message in general. That is the first sign that we became addicted.

How does TV affect children’s behavior?

Posted by on Jan 26, 2016 in Tech |

Modern man’s everyday life cannot be imagined without appliances, electrical machinery and the media. None of us think about how can hours spent in front of a TV affect our lives. Technology is all around us, we talk about a very important part of our life and characteristic of our times.

2655259The entire twentieth century, despite achievements of science and technology, was marked by achievements in the field of media: press, radio, film, television, the Internet. They evolve so quickly, more rapid than we imagined. In contemporary society, the mass media is very powerful way of expression and it plays a crucial role not only in the abandonment of some features of traditional culture but also in creating the new ones – audiovisual culture. It doesn’t reflect reality, but it creates our experience of reality.

The mass media acquires to develop its own characteristics it is focused on a large number of consumers. Each of them has its own target group and according to the requirements of these groups it creates its own content.

As a large part of people’s lives media has a great influence on the formation of moral standards and learning about moral action in society.

DOC.20150505_.1242269_.tablrsz_(Copy)_Most vulnerable and the easiest victims of this impact are definitely young people and children as part of society that is in a period of life in which they adopt patterns of behavior, culture and habits. The media as a mass phenomenon is inevitable and it attracts their attention, especially television and the internet. Through the media, young people learn about society today and even about themselves – they acquire the basic principles and rules of socialization. Mass media creates a picture of the status, opportunities, needs, interests, directions and values in society.

All kind of mass media transmit, show and produce a variety of effects, processes and actions. Ethics in the media is often absent and it has a devastating impact on the psyche and the social situation of young people. In facilities we can see how young people are exposed, through the media we see that there is no lacking of violence, manipulation, bad role models and deviant behavior models, and all of that can affect the formation of moral standards and moral attitudes of young people, which creates one, we can say, deviated lifestyle of young people who are concern about appearance, prestige, reputation, and who show a lack of the right values and realistic expectations.

child eating and watching tvI am putting the accent on the influence of the media and on selection of lifestyle among children and youth. It answers the question of how the media are reflected in the selection of activities and orientations of young people. Therefore media often offer includes primarily television and the Internet, then magazines for people of their age. Content that has some influence on young people is not only in the media which are intended directly to them but they are found in the media aimed to the wider audience, and studies show that more and more of young people consume media to reach a wider audience .

Technology and renewable energy sources

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Renewable energy sources, Tech |

While other living things rely on strength, speed, awareness and instinct to survive, human kind relies mostly on intelligence. Intelligence is the one thing that separates us from all other living things. Through intelligence we have tamed and conquered the nature around us, but this same intelligence may lead our kind to ruin.

infinity-power-tweed-heads-south-solar-67e8-300x0The industrial revolution has made a serious impact on how we do things. In the beginning it was amazing, we had so much production going on compared to only hundred or dozen years ago. Everything started blooming and creating something or traveling somewhere has never been easier. The problem with this is that everything comes with a price. In the beginning we didn’t know about anything else, so we didn’t pay much attention on alternative way of doing things. But once all the pollution kicked in and we made a hole in our ozone layer, we started wondering.

The negative effects usually aren’t visible in the beginning, but with time they slowly start revealing themselves.

o-que-e-energia-renovavelThe latest research showed that we’ve done more harm to the environment in the last hundred years than all the years before that combined, and the punishment for our actions may easily be global warming. Global warming is not a myth like most people choose to believe. The average global temperature is rising each year, and if it hits a point of no return, we will have sealed our fate. Most of the energy we get today is causing pollution, mostly due to fuel consumption. The energy we get leaves waste products that escapes into the atmosphere, overtime, they accumulate and create gas clouds. These gases then create a greenhouse effect which causes the rise of temperature. Without them, sun rays hit earth, reflect and leave our atmosphere, but if the gas traps them, they create a lot more heat than they would have if they left.
Over the years, it will accumulate so much that the storms will reach extraordinary properties, the ice will melt and create huge tidal waves, the catastrophes will hit everywhere on earth leaving nobody untouched. But all of this can be averted.

The best thing about it is that we even know how. Green energy can easily save our planet. Rather than getting our energy from fuel, we can simply harness the energy that is all around us. Water, wind and sunbeams are a constant source of energy that is renewable and pollution free. If people everywhere around the world started building green energy sources like windmills, solar panels and dams that use power of running water, we would have a pollution free planet and nothing to worry about.

There is so much unused space in south Africa for solar panels. A lot of countries have frequent windy days, most bigger rivers are suitable for electric dams.

There is so much unused potential that if we focused our attention to them, we wouldn’t even need fuel. We could get all the energy we need from electricity, produced safely via green energy sources.

Technology awareness

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Cars engineering, Tech |

In order to satisfy our needs, over time, the human kind has been increasing the energy consumption constantly. The energy consumption would not be a problem if the energy we’re consuming is never ending and pollution free, but it’s not.
Whenever we discover something new that suits our needs and makes certain things easier, we disregard everything bad about it and only focus on the positive aspects.

Before technology, there were no devices to help us overcome the struggle of everyday life. We used what we could, what nature gave us and we still managed to survive and live happily.

The problem with technology is that it’s a double edged sword. In this article we will focus on only one aspect of it, one that could be repaired and steered into the right direction, but greed prevents us.


What we mentioned above, the use of nature, let’s compare the aspect of traveling before and after technology. To travel we used horses, living animals that also get tired, don’t run so fast and need constant maintenance, now, we’re mostly using automobiles. Automobiles are great, they don’t tire, you can use them whenever, they are reliable, move fast and comfortable, but there is one problem. They use fuel.

download (13)What most people don’t realize about fuel is that it’s really bad. We’re consuming so much of it that we’ve started destroying our atmosphere. Before lead-free gasoline, we poisoned ourselves with the lead that comes out as vapor from exhaust pipes. Now, we’re not poisoning ourselves, but we’re destroying the future. Global warming is not happening solely due to automobiles, but fuel consumption certainly isn’t preventing it either. If we don’t stop polluting our planet, it will soon come to a point of no return and it will be doomed.

The problem with our society is that we’re aware of such thing, and we even know how to fix it, but people are too greedy to give up on so much money obtained from selling gasoline. As long as there is fuel it will be used as an energy resource for traveling, but the thing is, automobiles can run on electricity too.

Electricity is a clean, renewable source of energy which can easily be obtained from the power of wind or solar energy.

It makes no pollution and is very easy to use. The best part is the price. It would be dozens of times cheaper than fuel. All you have to do is recharge the battery every now and then.

o-ELECTRIC-CAR-CHARGER-facebook-420x215-300x154Technology today is so advanced that we can figure out and solve almost any problem that presents itself, and even the battery recharging wouldn’t be a problem. There are special kind of roads that allow you to recharge your battery while you’re driving. Imagine a world where every road has such a property. You could drive endlessly, without ever having to stop and recharge, FREE, never spend a dime on fuel again, and all of that without any kind of pollution.

So if you’re reading this, help society move to a higher level and think green.

Technology of tomorrow: Cars engineering

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Cars engineering, Hybrid vehicles, Tech |

For reasons of climate protection and the looming oil crisis vehicles in the future will be powered not only with biofuels, but also with electric power. According to the statistics in 2015 it will give approximately 1.3 million electric cars worldwide. In US by 2020, according to a decision of the Federal Government there will be 1 million electric cars.

According to the Shell Group electric cars might in 2050, because of their attractiveness and cost, have become the norm. They can be charged at gas stations again. But fuel cell vehicles will be widespread then. Vehicle manufacturers such as Daimler, Toyota and Honda want to begin from 2015 with the large-scale production.

uwdrb-pw5_ru-avtomobili-bmw-h2r-avtoOther forecasts predict that over the next 20, 25 years, only hybrid vehicles will find a large paragraph. So there would be after an analysis of the consulting firm McKinsey worldwide by 2020 only 750,000 pure electric cars and 3.8 million cars with a small internal combustion engine as a secondary drive. The sale shall first be sluggish because the new battery technology is expensive and lacks the infrastructure to charge the batteries. In addition, it would apply in the power generation to high CO2 emissions. A better LCA would rather be achieved through the optimization of combustion engines. The emissions from new cars could be reduced from 160 grams of CO2 per kilometer in 2009 to 125 grams in the year 2030.

In recent years, vehicles have been developed to the point that can be controlled with the aid of GPS, radar, ultrasound and 3-D cameras themselves. They have 360-degree environment recognition. As early as 2010 you could drive four driverless vans or vans from Italy to China. Google was able to announce in 2012 that his self-powered car had traveled 300,000 miles without an accident. Audi and Nissan have announced that their self-controlled cars were manufactured in series production in 2025. The group Rio Tinto is driverless trucks in Japan – and saves $ 100,000 a year per truck on personnel costs. Automated driving would lead to fewer accidents and thus fewer insurance claims and fewer controls and court proceedings for infringement of the Highway Code, but also to make many professional drivers work. Automated guided driving is now legal in California, Florida and Nevada.

By 2030, according to the Volkswagen Group, automobiles will be able communicate with other vehicles and they will find the right path via autopilot. Since you do not have to be focused on the road, you can make phone calls, search the Internet, watch movies or relax with their eyes closed, Also you will not waste any more time with the car park: The car is the passenger there from where they want to go, then looks for self-parking and brings the passenger at any street corner again. Aircraft will save fuel in the future, if they fly in swarms controlled by computers – or take the form of broad, flat missile. Trains will go faster and faster – for example, as magnetic levitation of up to 440 km / h and in conjunction with vacuum tunneling even at higher speeds than the airplanes of today. In cities, there will be lifts, and trams, which travel on rails on both sides of the road and are so high and wide that they glide over the road.

Good morning, mister…I am Markbot

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Robots, Tech |

The robotics will develop in the coming years to a big industry – until 2025, according to the Toyota Group, robots will be worth around 50 billion US $. In factories, more and more work is done by robots; these will be used in the future but also in civil engineering and in many other sectors of the economy.

There are robots for the International Space Station, six-legged robot for future missions to the moon (they cannot tip over), underwater robots for exploration of the deep sea and the work in turbid harbor and agricultural robots for milking cows or harvesting (field) fruits built.

image_thumb[1]Many hospitals robots are used in operations – nearly two-fifths of American hospitals advertise on their websites such operations. In a few years robots will carry groceries to home, clean the house, clean the windows, mow the lawn and entertain you in the evening with musical performances. So the robot that can sing or play the violin has already been developed. Robots will play a major role in the military sphere: robots can already be used for exploring hostile terrain, transporting heavy loads, the mine detection and blowing up bombs.
In future there will be an automated warfare (military dirty work) that will be conducted by the drones and combat robots. In addition to arm drones carrying bombs, there will be also large insects that go unnoticed while exploring enemy positions. First models such as the “Nano Hummingbird” from AeroVironment or “SILMACH Dragonfly” are already being tested.

In Japan, the development of robots is particularly advanced. As a result of an aging population in almost all areas workers are missing – therefore robots are used. According to a study of the Macquarie Bank ,more than 370,000 robots are in operations right now. The use of one million industrial robots is expected by 2025. Meanwhile they have received robot visitors in the foyer of companies and government agencies that monitor a building or terrain, roll with the vacuum cleaner through aisles or wipe floors.

1-newbookrevea-300x207In Japan you can send a shopping list to a grocery store, and even a robot whizzes through the aisles and scan the products. Robot is designed to greet customer and point him way to products. He also makes suggestions for shopping. In cafeterias and homes cutting robot vegetables, garnish sushi dishes, serve food and feed of care with the spoon. You can transport disabled people and after surgery help patients in rehabilitation. After 2040 robots will be more intelligent and more powerful than humans. Also, you can always fall back on all the knowledge in the cloud. Robots are their own “offspring” construct, which is becoming better – and far superior than humans .
Since they do not have to breathe, and can be switched off for a long time, robots are able to advance further into the universe than humans and could be on the moon and other planets operating at mines and factories.

Finally, Super intelligences may be the forms that will take over the world domination, reshape the earth and maybe replace people.